Plo Pillow

I am calling this one Plo Pillow. This is all I could come up. And I am sticking to it. So here it is:


I used 13 different floral fabrics, one of which is vintage french linen (only one square) recently bought at a thrift store. Squares are about 3 in square (I say ‘about’ because I needed to do some trimming after adding sashing), stripes about 1/2 in wide, making the pillow about 16.5 in square. It has an envelope closure, back made of off-white dec weight fabric (repurposed ikea curtains).

There is something special about this pillow… Notice the quilting?


Free motion. Oh yes. The first time for me. Actually, I did practice a bit on a coaster that will never be. But, then I had enough of practicing, and did the real thing. It took a while, but it ended up being easier than I thought. And quite enjoyable. I did have to rest a bit, and remind myself to relax, because I realized I was gripping the fabrics too tight, trying to lead it under the needle in a constant motion. It did take more then straight line quilting would have, but it was actually more fun.


It would have been a bit faster if I did the swirls s bit larger. See how quilting quilting lines are quite close? Very close. That works for a pillow sized quilt, but it would take waaay toooo long on a quilt, even throw size!

Overall I really like how it turned out. I wanted fabrics with no white, but then I could not pass on the white linen square. I think, with the pink thread, it blends more with the rest of the fabrics.

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