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Korsa Pillow – finished

Finished on Friday but didn;t have a chance to photograph it. The light was crappy today too, actually light is crappy most of the time in our old house with small windows, but that’t why photo editing was invented, no?

This one is for a teacher too – all 4 teachers are getting pillows this year. I think I did it last year too; good that all the teachers are different this year!

For some details – 7×7, 3×3 in squares (finished). Quilted on both sides of seam lines. I think less quilting on this one is better.

I make my own pillow inserts. Two reasons: first, a huge (and I mean ‘huge’) bag of pillow filling was about $ 20 down in the Fashion District, and second… I can make any size I want.

Ikea fabrics for the back. And a zipper under the flap again.

My son really likes it. He asks me every day when we’re taking it too school to give it to his teacher. Cute.

Dupioni Silk Pillow finished

Instagram Image

First pillow to be gifted this Christmas is finished. I had this piece of dupioni silk for a long time, I picked it up at a sale somewhere. It was finished all around – serged, so it might have been one of those decorator fabric samples…. who knows. It was big enough to fussy-cut the four triangles and have some leftover for the back.
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I quilted the front (it is dupioni, so it’s heavier, but still too flimsy for a nice cushion cover, me thinks), but not the back. I did put in a zipper, concealed by a flap (see this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew blog). It was easier than I thought, and I like it much better than the envelope back. It holds in the pillow form better, doesn’t gap in the back. I might do this for all my cushion covers from now on.
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I like this pillow – I like the effect from the squares – and all with only 4 pieces of fabric. I quilted in the ditch diagonally – I didn’t want the thread to add any more lines. And then I quilted over all the lines of dark red in the fabric. If I did not have a serger, this might not ever have been finished – dupioni unravels so much – I think I probably lost 1/8 of an inch sewing the triangles together, which was before I realized I really have to serge everything.

One down, a few more to go.

pillowcase #1 finished

All finished. Not much to say about it. You saw the top in the previous post. I quilted it along the chevron lines and across on the sides of chevrons. I usually end up quilting more densely than I plan, but I like it that way.

I used one of the striped sheets for the binding.And I made envelope opening in the back.

Now I will never have wrinkled pillowcases with pillow inserts half out anymore. This particular one might end up in the quest bed, just because I don’t have any pink linens, but I am going to make more. This is a perfect size for trying out patterns – you can finish up quickly and use it right away.

pillowcase #1

I continued to work on the chevron patterned pillowcase from the previous post, and I wanted to show you a couple of progress pictures. First, piecing…

It is quite simple: I sewed half chevrons row by row. See the first row on the top? I sewed 1.5 in strip between each half chevron and then sewed all the half chevrons in that row together. Repeat for each row. There is going to be another white strip between each row of full chevrons, so I took two of the rows I just finished in the previous step, added that little triangle at the end, and then sewed the rows together to make full chevrons.

Finally, I sewed 1.5 in strips between each row, and then all around (I needed that bit to make the top the size of a kingsize pillowcase). And the top was finished. This went really fast, except that I made some really airheaded mistakes so there was some seam ripping going on (which I really, really dislike) – I will blame it on the cold and the restless nights.

The top is done.

New pillow…

It has been sitting on my desk waiting… first for backing (I ended piecing some leftovers because I was lazy to go shopping for more fabrics)… then for a pillow insert (it measures just a bit bigger than another pillow I made but the insert was just too small; couldn’t figure that one out). Finally… I just don;t like unfinished projects lying around.

I really, really like how this one turned out. 100% recycled material. Well, except the batting. But the top is all recycled sheets, all different prints. Even the solid is from a sheet! Amazing how these all come together. I actually started with a striped sheet, that had the orange solid as an edge, and then tried to find other prints that have the same orange in them. To my surprise, there were more than I could use! It really is amazing how the colors match, from many prints and solids.

I quilted in one direction, along the longer side of pieced rectangles, quite densely. Even though the pillow is a square, the design just does not allow for quilting in both directions.

Very, very happy. I will be doing one more in another color. Or maybe a quilt with the same design. Recently I had some luck with purple sheets. Purple maybe?

my kris kros pillow on Sew, Mama, Sew!

How exciting is this? The Kris Kros pillow:


Has made it to Sew, Mama, Sew! blog as a pillow of the day for Feb 24. Makes me very happy! Thank you all for your comments and nice words!