activating tumblr… again

I started using Tumblr some time ago, and then dropped it a few months ago. With all the tools and apps out there – twitter, facebook, flickr… I didn’t quite know how to use it. And when to find time.

I did realize recently that I wish I had an easy way of bookmarking or saving little posts or pictures I find here and there – and in comes Tumblr. With a Safari bookmarklet (actually it works for Firefox as well), it is very easy to select an image you want to save/display from any webpage you might land on. And it automatically creates a link. Nice.

When I started using Tumblr, I had it cross-post here on my blog. But I didn’t like that so much – it made a clutter here on the blog; the post didn;t have a ‘flow’. So now, instead, I have recent Tumblr post over here – to the right – on the sidebar.

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