At Crossroads

I have been away from this space for a long time. We have moved, we started settling in a new city and a new state. I have been homesick more than I would ever admit. I thought about archiving this thing. I have been on and off blogging for a long time, but it never … More At Crossroads

New tutorial

I sat down the other day to write an outline for this tutorial and ended up drawing most of it. This is just a tiny bit of it… I have one final thing to finish and then I’ll scan it in and post it here.

too hot to quilt

If there are any regular visitors to this blog they might be surprised that there is very little quilting or weaving or just general making going on here. The reason is the heat. Yes, the heat. Before I elaborate, let me show you what’s waiting to be quilted: I actually quilted about a half of … More too hot to quilt

Square Hearts

This one has been finished for a while now, but… you know how that goes… Tomorrow it is going to be gifted, so this was the last chance to get some pictures taken. Here it goes: Is this upside-down? It was not my intention to make hearts, but you’ll see in the next one, the … More Square Hearts

Paper Piecing Play

Sunday afternoon I drew a pattern in illustrator, thought about how it could be pieced using a method similar to the one used for my Tolva quilt, but then realized it would be a pain to try to match up those kites and half hexagons. My next thought was… paper piecing. I have not tried … More Paper Piecing Play


This is the fourth and the last of the quilts I finished over the last few months. This one is for my mom. And my favorite. I have a few more quilt tops finished, but they might have to wait. A bit. This is what the process looked like. I selected some fabrics I picked … More Panels