and now for something completely different: field work pillow


Just a sneak peek of what I have sitting on my sewing desk since before Thanksgiving. A new pillow inspired by some aerial photography and fabulous work by Victoria Gertenbach. I have not had a chance to get into my sewing room for almost two weeks. This is almost finished – two more patches, already cut, are waiting to be sewn on and then just the back of the pillow to finish it off. Maybe today.

I have about two weeks before the school is out for the winter break and we are off for some skiing and family time (not really looking forward to freezing cold temps, but eh, what to we do for love… I don’t ski, it’s my hubby and now my son who fell in love with it last year) so there will not be much sewing going on during December. I don’t want to make huge plans, I will be happy to simply finish a few pillows for my little guy’s teachers. And maybe start a new knitting project (hey, I already made a swatch. what, I did not take a photo?!)

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