can I do a 5k run? – week 4 and 5

It looks more like it’s not going to happen – well, at least not as soon as I planned. Anyway, week 4 I decided to do the eliptical to try and rest my ankle from pounding on concrete. It was feeling fine, no pain during exercise, but it would hurt in the evening. I did a total of 10.3 miles in 4 days (about 35 min each day). I followed the same pattern as before: 1 min run, 2 min walk.

Week 5, the Thanksgiving week, we were away, and I did not have opportunities for running, so I rested – we walked a lot with the kids, but otherwise, no additional stress on the ankle. But some days it hurt, even just walking around. Some days I would limp. Not so good. Means I will probably have to see a doctor. And it probably means I will not be able to run for a while. With the holidays just around the corner, school holidays and kids at home, traveling… I will probably, hopefully, be back on the program in January. Until then – bike, swimming…

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