I call this one – spring quilt

A couple of days ago I selected some fabrics for a new quilt (the last one is awaiting biding). At this point I did not know what I wanted to do, but these are the fabrics I liked:


Some of the fabrics are from a charm pack I bought some time ago, others are from my stash – cut to 5in squares.

After some thinking I decided to try a flying geese design – something rather simple (not to say easy). I really liked this quilt from Red Pepper Quilts – so I thought, I can do this! After consulting several books and web sites, I decided to cut my fabric into triangles and piece them in rows. The other method – the fast method for piecing flying geese blocks – seems to be better suited for designs where triangles (the ‘geese’) and arranged in columns. But instead of piecing triangles one by one, I first made pairs of one white and one printed triangle. There were a lot of these…


And then I pieced these together into long strips (I randomly pick a pair from the bucket – the only rule I have is that there are no repeats of fabric in a row), or the rows, that will make up the quit top, eventually…


However, last night, around 1 am, while watching Californication (for the first time – right after I finished watching the last season of Arrested Development) I realized I made a slight error in numbers ( I think I did the numbers during Arrested Development!). Soooo… the design of this quilt will be slightly altered and it will be smaller than planned. Oh, well….

OK, back to my triangles.

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