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spring quilt – finished

yes… final stitches were sewn last night, this morning photo shoot, and…. here it is, in all it’s glory (before wash):


A few notes about the quilt:

1. Never, ever again do calculation while watching Arrested Development or any other similar show.My ‘geese’ were supposed to fly North, but instead, now are flying West. I like it that way.

2. I will probably not attempt to do flying geese again with such small triangles – they are only 1 in high (when finished). There are so many seems back there that it was hard to keep the top flat – I kept needing to iron it, over and over again.

3. Next time I do flying geese I will not cut out triangles – I will try to do the fast method … with squares … (cannot find the link just now)… The triangles were all over the place – and the matching was far, far from perfect. I originally wanted to quilt diagonally, along the short sides of the triangles, but they were aligned so poorly, that it would not look so nice. That bothered me fo awhile. But then we went to dinner to our friends house, and they had an antique quilt out. It was beautiful but all sorts of wonky. And then I felt mush better. And finished the quilt. Quilted with straight lines. Note to self: learn to get over yourself.

4. It was fun selecting fabrics – I belive there are over 30 different prints in this quilt.


I also washed it today. And I like it now even better. It is so soft and wrinkly, I wish it were bigger (it is about 31 x 32 in). And, I realized that I don’t have a good spot in the back yard for taking pictures. And do I have time to go around trying to find a good spot, borrow somebody’s fence or run to the beach. No. Note to self: find a good taking pictures spot.

Final pic: all washed and ready to be used…


I call this one – spring quilt

A couple of days ago I selected some fabrics for a new quilt (the last one is awaiting biding). At this point I did not know what I wanted to do, but these are the fabrics I liked:


Some of the fabrics are from a charm pack I bought some time ago, others are from my stash – cut to 5in squares.

After some thinking I decided to try a flying geese design – something rather simple (not to say easy). I really liked this quilt from Red Pepper Quilts – so I thought, I can do this! After consulting several books and web sites, I decided to cut my fabric into triangles and piece them in rows. The other method – the fast method for piecing flying geese blocks – seems to be better suited for designs where triangles (the ‘geese’) and arranged in columns. But instead of piecing triangles one by one, I first made pairs of one white and one printed triangle. There were a lot of these…


And then I pieced these together into long strips (I randomly pick a pair from the bucket – the only rule I have is that there are no repeats of fabric in a row), or the rows, that will make up the quit top, eventually…


However, last night, around 1 am, while watching Californication (for the first time – right after I finished watching the last season of Arrested Development) I realized I made a slight error in numbers ( I think I did the numbers during Arrested Development!). Soooo… the design of this quilt will be slightly altered and it will be smaller than planned. Oh, well….

OK, back to my triangles.