only blue quilt – finished


Yes, it is finished. I actually finished it the night before we headed for our Seattle/Vancouver trip but since we left early in the morning – there was no time for pictures. Today, the light is again pretty bad, so I ad really hard time photgraphing it. These are the best pictures of the lot…


I used 9 different print fabrics in shades of blue, plus the solid white and blue for sashing. I had a really hard time quilting at first – I gues I did not do such a good job making the sandwich. The backing fabric was pulling every which way. I had to re-pin the sandwich a few times… I think this happened because, for the first time, I was working on the table not the floor. I am not sure.  I quilted on both sides of seam lines, in both dirctions. The quilt is about 28×28 in. Maybe the next quilt will be bigger…

A few more pictures…



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