too hot to quilt

If there are any regular visitors to this blog they might be surprised that there is very little quilting or weaving or just general making going on here. The reason is the heat. Yes, the heat. Before I elaborate, let me show you what’s waiting to be quilted: I actually quilted about a half of … More too hot to quilt

Not a rag rug

I was so eager to finish this rug, to see how it turns out that I neglected other wips, woke up early and it was off the loom and hemmed before I needed to leave the house. I even skipped lunch. Here it is before wet finish. First thought: the colors make me so happy … More Not a rag rug

rag rug

My third and biggest project on this (or any) loom. Slaying the reed was fast, but threading the heddles was… not so fast. 312 of them. Two mistakes I couldn’t figure out for a while and then I just left them as a feature. This is a test sample anyway. But I quite like it. … More rag rug

measuring warp

I have not been at the loom for months. Busy with other things, waiting for the right moment, right inspiration. Finally I bought some yarn (Maysville 8/4 Cotton rug warp, ordered from the Blick Art supplies – random I know, but they had the lowest shipping cost), and decided on a rag rug. It is … More measuring warp

baby blanket

Finished. What can I say? Not too happy. Will probably not use acrylic again. Good learning experience. This was my second project, and the first time I did a wet finish. Which I new nothing about. A little bit of googling, and I decided to was it on gentle, warm in my washing machine. Dry … More baby blanket

a few coasters

As I mentioned, I have a new, old loom sitting in my studio (ha!). This was my first project, using some of the stash yarn I bought for knitting long time ago. Warp was white cotton, which I ran out of while measuring the warp, so I added some green cotton yarn. Then I used … More a few coasters