baby blanket

Finished. What can I say? Not too happy. Will probably not use acrylic again. Good learning experience.

photo 2
This was my second project, and the first time I did a wet finish. Which I new nothing about. A little bit of googling, and I decided to was it on gentle, warm in my washing machine. Dry on low.  And…

Right: before wet finish. Left: after wet finish.

Nothing. Well, maybe a little bit – the blanket was much softer. But – the weave did not get any tighter (which I was hoping for), the blanket did not shrink (ok, I guess that’s a good thing) and the little imperfections that I hoped would go away did not (I was especially hoping that the areas where I continued yarn would be less noticeable; but no luck).

photo 1


But.. as I said… it was good experience. And you need that, with any craft. And it’s better to learn on some inexpensive yarn, right?

So what to do with it? If I had a baby, I would use it as a stroller blanket (it’s small, about 32 in square). But I don’t. So I might just keep it in the car. For those cold nights (in Southern California. ha!)

photo 3

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