measuring warp

I have not been at the loom for months. Busy with other things, waiting for the right moment, right inspiration. Finally I bought some yarn (Maysville 8/4 Cotton rug warp, ordered from the Blick Art supplies – random I know, but they had the lowest shipping cost), and decided on a rag rug. It is frustrating that there are no weaving supplies stores anywhere near me, and even though basically everything nowadays is purchased online, I really would like to see in person and be able to feel the yarn before I buy it. And, these cones are not small, even for a smaller project, so shipping charges are a factor too. I believe the closest shop is in Solvang, CA, which is at least a 90 min drive from our house.

I don’t have room for a warp frame in our house, so I decided to buy these pegs you attach to your table, desk, bench, and they have been working for me so far. You can see them in the photo above and below. I bought them on easy’s theknitstore. They are well made, smooth and attach easily. The only problem is if surfaces you intend to use are thicker than 1 1/2 in, these pegs won’t fit.


It took a little bit over an hour to measure 312 warp ends, 90 in long. It is not something you would do if you were in a hurry, but it is not too slow either. It is almost like a dance once you get into the rhythm. Very soothing.



I ended up making 3 chains that now rest on the loom waiting for the next step. Maybe I even get to it today. If I hurry and finish that quilt top I had to rip some rows from…


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