rag rug

My third and biggest project on this (or any) loom. Slaying the reed was fast, but threading the heddles was… not so fast. 312 of them. Two mistakes I couldn’t figure out for a while and then I just left them as a feature. This is a test sample anyway. But I quite like it. I like how the colors of the strips blend with the warp. And I am glad I went with white for warp.

In case you are a beginner weaver – I learned how to dress a loom from a series of youtube videos posted by Elizabeth Wagner. I also bought a class on Craftsy – Floor Loom Weaving with Janet Dawson. There is of course, much more information in the course then in the free youtube videos, but I find Elizabeth Wagner’s instruction on how to dress a loom much easier and clearer. So that’s what I used for all my projects. I go back to the Craftsy class for other information.

One more thing – if you need tips for rag rug weaving see Daisy Hill Weaving Studio.

Now let’s finish it…

20140821-070003-25203597.jpg 20140821-070003-25203941.jpg

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