Dupioni Silk Pillow finished

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First pillow to be gifted this Christmas is finished. I had this piece of dupioni silk for a long time, I picked it up at a sale somewhere. It was finished all around – serged, so it might have been one of those decorator fabric samples…. who knows. It was big enough to fussy-cut the four triangles and have some leftover for the back.
Instagram Image
I quilted the front (it is dupioni, so it’s heavier, but still too flimsy for a nice cushion cover, me thinks), but not the back. I did put in a zipper, concealed by a flap (see this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew blog). It was easier than I thought, and I like it much better than the envelope back. It holds in the pillow form better, doesn’t gap in the back. I might do this for all my cushion covers from now on.
Instagram Image

I like this pillow – I like the effect from the squares – and all with only 4 pieces of fabric. I quilted in the ditch diagonally – I didn’t want the thread to add any more lines. And then I quilted over all the lines of dark red in the fabric. If I did not have a serger, this might not ever have been finished – dupioni unravels so much – I think I probably lost 1/8 of an inch sewing the triangles together, which was before I realized I really have to serge everything.

One down, a few more to go.

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