New pillow…

It has been sitting on my desk waiting… first for backing (I ended piecing some leftovers because I was lazy to go shopping for more fabrics)… then for a pillow insert (it measures just a bit bigger than another pillow I made but the insert was just too small; couldn’t figure that one out). Finally… I just don;t like unfinished projects lying around.

I really, really like how this one turned out. 100% recycled material. Well, except the batting. But the top is all recycled sheets, all different prints. Even the solid is from a sheet! Amazing how these all come together. I actually started with a striped sheet, that had the orange solid as an edge, and then tried to find other prints that have the same orange in them. To my surprise, there were more than I could use! It really is amazing how the colors match, from many prints and solids.

I quilted in one direction, along the longer side of pieced rectangles, quite densely. Even though the pillow is a square, the design just does not allow for quilting in both directions.

Very, very happy. I will be doing one more in another color. Or maybe a quilt with the same design. Recently I had some luck with purple sheets. Purple maybe?

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