pillowcase #1

I continued to work on the chevron patterned pillowcase from the previous post, and I wanted to show you a couple of progress pictures. First, piecing…

It is quite simple: I sewed half chevrons row by row. See the first row on the top? I sewed 1.5 in strip between each half chevron and then sewed all the half chevrons in that row together. Repeat for each row. There is going to be another white strip between each row of full chevrons, so I took two of the rows I just finished in the previous step, added that little triangle at the end, and then sewed the rows together to make full chevrons.

Finally, I sewed 1.5 in strips between each row, and then all around (I needed that bit to make the top the size of a kingsize pillowcase). And the top was finished. This went really fast, except that I made some really airheaded mistakes so there was some seam ripping going on (which I really, really dislike) – I will blame it on the cold and the restless nights.

The top is done.

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