triangles -> diamonds -> chevron

I have an excuse for not doing what I am supposed to do and playing with fabrics. I have some weird cold with some awful weird cough which is so so during the day, but keeps me up at night so I am really tired. This… this is easy and relaxing. So what was I playing with? Again some slashing, or let’s call it deconstructing -> reconstructing.

This time I started with squares I had lying around for a few months. They were supposed to be made into a simple quilt but it just didn’t work for me. I tried laying the squares in different ways, but it was just… blah! But they were perfect for this little exercise. Furthermore, they were cut from vintage sheets, so no regrets…

OK, so…. I started with 4×4 in squares and cut them like so:

And them rearranged them into diamonds like so…

You could also mix them up and rearrange them into this (what is this shape called in ‘quiltese’?)

Let’s go back to the diamonds (I will do another quilt using these some other time)… I took all the squares I had and cut them in this way – half of them with the cut to the right, the other half with the cut to the left. Then I arranged them into a chevron pattern:

I forgot to mention… I was thinking of making this into a king size pillowcase. I have been thinking about quilted pillowcases for a while now. I have the regular kind for our bed, and I am never really happy with them. They are wrinkled (there is no way I will iron bedding, no time for that!), they come off the pillow (none of my pillowcases have buttons) – they just look sad. So why not a quilted pillowcase. With hidden buttons. So, to get the size I wanted, I needed to add one more row and make the rows a bit longer. So I pulled out more fabrics to get this (I actually cut all different squares – I like to do that if I can, not repeat fabrics):

Excuse the photo… I was working on these in the evening and I don;t have good light for better pics. Anyway, did I like it? NOOOO. To busy. Terrible. Then I thought what if I make each of the “arrows” from the same fabrics (two adjoining diamonds). So I picked out half of the diamonds I liked, and cut one more of each. Then I went to bed.

This morning I rearranged them again. And you know what? I like!

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