grid pillow

As I mentioned in the previous post, as of recently, I have developed a “thing” for vintage sheets. I like the colorful ones that I have seen around the blogosphere – those being used in quilts, aprons, skirts, little girl dresses… but I am also drawn to those with small flowers on white background. Especially tiny flowers… something that might be called “shabby chic”.

So I pulled some of those sheets and pillowcases (both vintage and not so vintage) and some of my stash fabric:


I also pulled out a tool I really like – the bias tape maker. I have three of those, and this is the smallest one – makes a tape 1/4 in wide (when finished). Opened, it measures 1/2 in. I made some tapes, but not bias this time.


I had a cold this this week, and when I am congested and/or coughing, I cannot sleep very well. Sometimes, if the cough is very bad (like this time) I end up sleeping on a sofa because that is the only way I can sleep “sitting up” and not cough all night. So, during one of those sleepless nights, I had an idea – idea of making some strips from the sheets, and weave them together in a grid pattern. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the strips before they were sewn, but here they are all finished, on a piece of linen – which will become a quilted cushion:


or in a closeup:


I did not use all the fabrics from the first picture… that’s what happens. I always tend to pull out more fabrics for a project, and then some get tossed out. In this case, a few were too bright, and some just did not fit in.

Then I quilted the top – I quilted inside the little squares, between the stripes, and out from the stripes to the edges of the pillow top.


For the back I used remnants of some Ikea curtains I used before – nice thicker cotton fabric. I used the edges that were already folded (a little shortcut) for the buttons:


Buttons are covered with one of the fabrics used on the front.

I like the way it turned out – it is really close to what I had in my mind. And I like the combination of linen and vintage sheets. I might be using this combination more…



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