spiro quilt – progress

I usually don’t get any sewing done over the weekend. It’s all about family… But I did make a lot of progress on Friday:


Sandwich was made. I decided against piecing the back, piecing of all these blocks took long enough. And I was just eager to see this one finished. So, I used pink/white striped fabric.


The sandwich was pinned. I use safety pins at about every 3-4 inches. Since I have only done straight quilting thus far, I find it useful to pin them in one direction – the one I will be quilting first. Less snag – and if there is any, it is usually in one direction and I can easily take care of it.


And finally – most of quilting was done. I decided on quilting on both sides of seams, every three inches (the strips are 1 in finished width), in both directions. Not quite finished, but getting there. I am quite happy how this one is turning out.

I was thinking about binding – I wanted a black/white fabric but the ones I used in the top, the ones I like – I don’t have enough. I will probably go with red/white stripe.

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