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spiro quilt – finished

Yes, it is finished!


The quilt was waiting for binding for a few days, but today I found some time and here it is. I would have liked to put darker binding, maybe something with black… but all my black fabrics is in little scraps, definitely not enough for binding.

I am quite pleased how it turned out. I like the bright colors – and I really enjoyed picking colors for the “swirls”. Most swirls are made with all different fabrics, 12 in all, and the squares are done with one fabric – usually the one I most like from each swirl. I think I might be going back to this – not in the same design, but I really like the swirls…


Because of the layout of the squares – the design is a little “slanted”, for the lack of a better term. As you can see, the squares are not aligned – I like how it adds movement to the quilt, but I had a little hard time choosing how to quilt. So I decided on a simple grid – both directions, every 3 inches (except in one place where the lines are 2 in apart, but when I caught that it was too late to rip out). If I were better in free motion quilting – I would have chosen that, but…

The squares are 7x7in (swirls) and 6x6in (squares), which makes the finished size about 40×40 inches.

spiro quilt – progress

I usually don’t get any sewing done over the weekend. It’s all about family… But I did make a lot of progress on Friday:


Sandwich was made. I decided against piecing the back, piecing of all these blocks took long enough. And I was just eager to see this one finished. So, I used pink/white striped fabric.


The sandwich was pinned. I use safety pins at about every 3-4 inches. Since I have only done straight quilting thus far, I find it useful to pin them in one direction – the one I will be quilting first. Less snag – and if there is any, it is usually in one direction and I can easily take care of it.


And finally – most of quilting was done. I decided on quilting on both sides of seams, every three inches (the strips are 1 in finished width), in both directions. Not quite finished, but getting there. I am quite happy how this one is turning out.

I was thinking about binding – I wanted a black/white fabric but the ones I used in the top, the ones I like – I don’t have enough. I will probably go with red/white stripe.

spiro quilt – sneak peak #2


All the squares are done, pressed and trimmed to their attended sizes: 18 squares 7.5 x 7.5 in and 18 6.5 x 6.5 in.


The plan for tonight is to put them up on the design wall, arrange; maybe finish the top? That would be great…

spiro quilt – sneak peak

Yes, I am quilting again. There was almost 2 months of almost no sewing!!! I say almost, because I did finish two pillows, but there was about 4 – 5 weeks that I did not… could not sit at my desk because of the pain in my shoulder. But, I have recovered, reorganized my sewing room – which included a purchase of a new desk – just for the machine – and I am back! So what am I up to?


I named it Spiro and this is just a brief sneak. I am about half way done, with 20 more squares to go. It is slow going because each block is a block cabin variation pieced from strips with many, many different fabrics. Oh, I am in heaven.