stripey finished


Yep! Finished. The idea came from one of the kaffe fasset’s books – a little all-blue quilt made of shirting fabrics. I did not have as many blue striped fabrics, but I had plenty of striped fabrics in variety of colors.


This one took longer than I expected. First of all – it took longer to piece the squares. These were made from strips of white fabric sewn together with strips of striped fabrics. The stripes were then cut into triangles – 8 triangles for each combined, to make 2 squares – one with the white square in the middle, one with a white stripe on the outside, around the square. Since there was a lot of sewing on the bias, and the fabrics were really all different, some stretchier than other. This resulted in squares of all different sizes, so I had to trip them all dowm to 8in sq.


Arranging the squares was really quite fun and I really liked the result.


Quilting, ahhh quilting. That took longer than expected too. I quilted diagonally, both sides of seams. And then, since the squares were large, I quilted squares inside the squares made by quilting lines. And the fabric was stretching. And stretching. But I could do nothing. Or I did not know what to do. Anyway, quilting is done and is it as it is. I like it.


This is the first time I patched the back of the quilt, too. Here I used up some of the left over squares. Well, they were not really left over. They were a mistake. And that’s also why making these blocks took so long. After I planned the quilt, picked all the fabrics, I started cutting. And sewing the strips together. And cutting the triangles. And then when I put the triangles together to see what they looked like I realized I  made a mistake. A mistake cutting the striped fabric. It seems that stripes always run along the length of the fabric, not across the width. I needed to cut lengthwise, but I was just cutting as I always do. So I ended up with these scraps that I used for the back (if you look closely, you can see that stripes do not run paralel to the sides of the squares, like on the front). I think I was watching Rescue Me while I did this. Distracted much?


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