krtek (the little mole) brings back memories

I was reading some blogs today, when I came upon a picture of a cartoon character from a long ago. I basically forgot about it. Krtek (in czeck) or the Little Mole, created by Czeck animator Zden?k Miler. This is just one of many you can see on YouTube:

When we were kids in Croatia (then Yugoslavia) we had very limited TV programming for kids. I believe there were 2 channels, a lot of political shows (it was the communist era after all), a lot of news (actually of very good quality, covering the whole world. what you might not know is that Yugoslavia, while a communist country under a strong dictatorship of Tito, was on “this side” of the Iron Curtain, open to the world. We were free to travel and had no censorship on foreign media of any sort. We were very lucky that way.), and a lot of sports programming. Cartoon time was at 7pm, right before bed, 15 minutes. Also, there was some children programming in the mornings but I could watch those only during the weeks I had school in the afternoon. While I do remember watching Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and other American cartoons, this one (Krtek) actually brought back so many memories. I could see the apartment we lived in, where the TV was, where I sat to watch it, my school, the neighbourhood (there are actually tears in my eyes now)… It was long time ago, but it was good times.

I hope you enjoy this cartoon. I love the animation, the characters, the sound, the stories. Everything.

I am going to go do something else because this is making me a little sentimental and sad.

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