only blue quilt – sneak peak

I have been cutting and sewing like mad for a past few days. I am completely consumed by it right now. So, here is another sneak peak of another quilt top I finished yesterday. The quilt sandwich is done too. As soon as I am done writing this I am going to start quilting it. I want to finish it before we leave tomorrow (Vancouver and Seattle here we come!) because there will be no sewing for at least 10 days. 10 days! I probably won’t have time to bind it, but I want to finish quilting…


This time I chose blue – I took out all blue fabrics I have (a lot!) and then narrowed it down to 9. That was hard, but I just wanted a monochromatic look. This time I had a sketch of a design I wanted (inspired by a walkway to a house I saw last week – no picture though), even though some things changed as I was piecing the squares together. Most of the squares turned out good, with good to decent alignment but I did have to trim the finished squares because they came out a little wonky.



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