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and now he is 3

S will be 3 tomorrow (Thursday). I could write a really long post about how this day makes me feel. But I won’t. Somehow I don’t have the words. I will be very unoriginal and say … 3? how did that happen. My baby. All I want to do is look at him and make the time go a little slower. My little man:


one of those days… except it’s been almost two weeks

Yes, I have had one of those days. When you have things planned out. Then sh.. stuff happens. Except it lasted for two weeks. First a little one got sick. Fever, congestion, coughing. And coughing is the worst, because it almost always end in throwing up. So when he starts coughing, we run to the bathroom.

And then this week I get a call from preschool. The call I have been dreading, one I never wanted to get. Lice. Yes. I picked him up, then ran to pick Luka up, the called Hair Whisperers. It was either that, or go into the Hair Fairy salon. Excuse me? I never even new these services existed. Not before that morning. But I am grateful (even at $95/hr) because who would check my hair? My husband? I don’t think so.

The good think is that it was a very mild case. Actually Luka was clean. But I still have some laundry sitting in the garage. I am not folding today though. Because if I do, I might scream.

The best part of the week was a nice find at the thrift store: A complete twin set designed by Hanae Mori. Must admit I have never heard of her before. But I like it very much!


Here is to next week!

end of july

Every time I get to the end of the signup page (monthly) at my son’s daycare, I am reminded that another month has passed by. End every month I say to the director ” I cannot believe …. is already over…”. It’s like a little ritual. So, yes, July is over, done. We are definitely in the second half of 2010; we are also half-way through summer vacation (school starts late this year 09/13… budget cuts).

But it was a good month. We had a wonderful vacation in Vancouver/Seattle and Luka has had some great time at camps. I am very proud of him. He is shy, well, at least at first, and does not like to go to places where he does not know anyone. So, in July I had him in camps with his friends; but in July they were out of town, so after our trip, he had to go to camp(s) by himself. And he did it. And he had fun. I am putting him out of his comfort zone, but he is handling it… my big boy (he is not even 6).

Also, I had been very productive. Actually, with my record, extremely productive. 4 finished quilts productive (I hear some strange noises behind me; need to check out). And the quilts are…


I hope August brings better pictures…

california poppies after rain

It is raining right now. I don;t remember when it rained this late in the year. This is the Southern California after all. But thanks to the rain, the desert is blooming. This is what it looks like now at the Antelope Valley State Park, which is one of the few places in California, where you can see wildflowers in the spring (if there is enough rain in the winter). I understand that Anza Borego is in bloom too, but we did not get to go there this spring.

I know that color on computer screens vary, but on my screen this is pretty much the color I saw. Very bright yellow-orange. We were lucky – the weather was perfect, warm and no wind. The wind makes poppies close, and the walk around very uncomfortable.


Yes, Spider-Man is in. The interesting thing is those shirts are both Luka’s (the older one), or in other words they are wearing the same size shirts. The shorter one is 2, the taller one is 5 (and a half).


This little guy was very patient. I took this picture with the macro setting, I got within a few inches from him.


OK, I had to take a picture of them like this. I just had to.


Poppies as far as you can see.

More pictures here.

hallo, kaka?

This morning, Sven took a diaper (a clean, one. he insists to pick one before he needs to be changed), put it to his ear and said: Hello, kaka?

Do I need to say I laughed. A lot. For a long time. He is a very funny kid. Cannot belive he will be two soon.

btw, kaka = poop

couldn’t wait to get out

He just couldn’t wait. As soon as he woke up, he put all his gear on (all, even the helmet) and wanted to get out into fresh snow. This is the most snow he has seen in his life. One happy kid. (last night when they finally came to the hotel, he told my husband – “I have never been so cold in my life”).

Deep snow

it was cold, but worth it

Last week we decided to go to a park on the beach after school. It was one of rare days we don’t have some activity after school, and with days being short, playgroung playtime is cut short. But I forgot my jacket, and with the sun setting and a gentle breeze at the beach, my single layer was not enough. Just then kids decided they wanted to go to the beach and they started running in the sand, really playing together and the cold didn’t matter – I enjoyed watching them and I kept kicking myself for not having the camera with me. I did have a phone so here are a few pics (they really are quite bad)…

history repeats

After too many ear infections (and antibiotics treatments) in a short period of time, Luka had ear tubes inserted when he was just 14 months old. But it was good – he only had one ear infection until the tubes fell out this Spring. And he’s been fine since then.
Well, now after too many ear infections (and antibiotics treatments) in a short period of time, Sven will most probably get tubes too. He is 20 months now. The doc is giving him a few more weeks to see if he will get another infection – if he does, he goes into surgery. How likely is that? His right ear has not cleared completely from the last infection for which he got the last antibiotic shot (! yes, a shot, poor guy) on Thursday. So, it is quite likely it will get worse in the next few days, especially if he also get a runny nose. Oh, well…