one of those days… except it’s been almost two weeks

Yes, I have had one of those days. When you have things planned out. Then sh.. stuff happens. Except it lasted for two weeks. First a little one got sick. Fever, congestion, coughing. And coughing is the worst, because it almost always end in throwing up. So when he starts coughing, we run to the bathroom.

And then this week I get a call from preschool. The call I have been dreading, one I never wanted to get. Lice. Yes. I picked him up, then ran to pick Luka up, the called Hair Whisperers. It was either that, or go into the Hair Fairy salon. Excuse me? I never even new these services existed. Not before that morning. But I am grateful (even at $95/hr) because who would check my hair? My husband? I don’t think so.

The good think is that it was a very mild case. Actually Luka was clean. But I still have some laundry sitting in the garage. I am not folding today though. Because if I do, I might scream.

The best part of the week was a nice find at the thrift store: A complete twin set designed by Hanae Mori. Must admit I have never heard of her before. But I like it very much!


Here is to next week!

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