end of july

Every time I get to the end of the signup page (monthly) at my son’s daycare, I am reminded that another month has passed by. End every month I say to the director ” I cannot believe …. is already over…”. It’s like a little ritual. So, yes, July is over, done. We are definitely in the second half of 2010; we are also half-way through summer vacation (school starts late this year 09/13… budget cuts).

But it was a good month. We had a wonderful vacation in Vancouver/Seattle and Luka has had some great time at camps. I am very proud of him. He is shy, well, at least at first, and does not like to go to places where he does not know anyone. So, in July I had him in camps with his friends; but in July they were out of town, so after our trip, he had to go to camp(s) by himself. And he did it. And he had fun. I am putting him out of his comfort zone, but he is handling it… my big boy (he is not even 6).

Also, I had been very productive. Actually, with my record, extremely productive. 4 finished quilts productive (I hear some strange noises behind me; need to check out). And the quilts are…


I hope August brings better pictures…

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