california poppies after rain

It is raining right now. I don;t remember when it rained this late in the year. This is the Southern California after all. But thanks to the rain, the desert is blooming. This is what it looks like now at the Antelope Valley State Park, which is one of the few places in California, where you can see wildflowers in the spring (if there is enough rain in the winter). I understand that Anza Borego is in bloom too, but we did not get to go there this spring.

I know that color on computer screens vary, but on my screen this is pretty much the color I saw. Very bright yellow-orange. We were lucky – the weather was perfect, warm and no wind. The wind makes poppies close, and the walk around very uncomfortable.


Yes, Spider-Man is in. The interesting thing is those shirts are both Luka’s (the older one), or in other words they are wearing the same size shirts. The shorter one is 2, the taller one is 5 (and a half).


This little guy was very patient. I took this picture with the macro setting, I got within a few inches from him.


OK, I had to take a picture of them like this. I just had to.


Poppies as far as you can see.

More pictures here.

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