the one about being true to yourself

  This is my firstborn. At a birthday party. He hated every minute of it. He is very gentle, has a good sense of fairness, isn’t very outgoing, does not like team sports and is absolutely consumed with music. Any kind of music. He was excited when he heard about this party, but when we … More the one about being true to yourself

the one about dreams

Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ – this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’. Do you know where this is from? If you said “Pretty Woman” you would be right. If you … More the one about dreams

too hot to quilt

If there are any regular visitors to this blog they might be surprised that there is very little quilting or weaving or just general making going on here. The reason is the heat. Yes, the heat. Before I elaborate, let me show you what’s waiting to be quilted: I actually quilted about a half of … More too hot to quilt


some days there is an abundance of ideas. it seems that everything or anything you look at, listen to, smell, touch or hear can be turned into a project. but then other days… maybe you are a little tired, a little overwhelmed with everyday things, maybe you are just sick and tired of the heat… … More inspiration…

We are very neighborly in this part of our lovely Venice, with houses within a spitting distance apart. For instance, our (new) neighbor to the east…. I hear his alarm clock blasting in the morning, smell his food in the afternoon, and then in the evening I second-hand smoke his weed. Cozy.


this is a conversation a girl from Sven’s class (Sven is my 6 year old) had with her mother over the Summer: mom: so, who was your boyfriend in kindergarden? girl: oh, nobody. I didn’t really have one. mom: Really? What happened? girl: well, I tried to make Sven my boyfriend, but he liked basketball … More priorities


Yesterday my homework was to print some baby pictures for kids to take to school. I ended up spending hours… I also got really emotional. So I just had to share. These first four are of Luka, from early 2005. These are from March/April 2008 when Sven was born.      Time flies and I … More memories

First day of school

Wasn’t it just yesterday he started kindergarten? He is in 5th grade now. When did this happen? And the little one? He was barely walking then… And now he wants to be a professional basketball player! It’s going too fast…


7 years ago today, I thought I would hold him as soon as he was born. But, I had to have a C-section, and the catheter they used for medication was the same they used for the epidural which was placed wrong. So they had to put me out completely. And I did not get … More 7