Kelly Pillow – finished

Another Christmas present.

I wanted to try this block for a while. I cannot find a link to a tutorial I saw about this block, but I believe it included drawing a layout on a foundation block (white) and then sewing the strips on top of it. I did not do that. I cut a bunch of 1.5 in strips and just sewed them together, cabin log style. I am not saying that’s the best way to go, I had some problems keeping things straight and all the block same size, but I managed in the end.. If I do this again, I will either do wider strips, or I will use the foundation.

Another pillow

And then I had one more problem… the last three blocks were made using the new machine, and therefore a new presser foot. I did  not have a 1/4 in foot on the old machine, so my seams were a bit smaller for the last three blocks. And thus, the blocks were a bit larger. So I had to do some fixing, trimming… not a fun part

Almost finished

This is after sewing the block together (excuse the poor quality – low light and instagram do not mix well)… The last three blocks are in the lower left corner. You can see they are bigger!


I quilted it quite densely. I believe the distance between the lines is less than 1/2 inch. I like the look of heavily quilted quits/pillows, and since this is a small project I decided it would not be that bad. It wasn’t.

Densely Quilted

And here it is again. It was fun piecing this. Fun trying to pick fabrics. I would like to do a quilt using this pattern. Some time…

Would I do anything different? Yes, I would make the center square (orange here) larger. Or maybe a darker color. These little squares are really hard to see and do not “pop” as I wanted them too… I quite like it though.

Size 23 in x 23 in. For the back I chose some Ikea fabrics I had for a long time. Thick white/orange striped fabric. And I put in a zipper. With a flap! My new favorite thing for pillows. (This time I did not make flap out of a separate piece of fabric.)

One more to go…

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