Tolva quilt

I have been thinking about Half Rectangle Traingles ever since I saw this post by asquaredw. More specifically I have been thinking about the little kites she created by mistake. But I liked them and kept thinking how I can use them. Then just before the holidays I got to try my idea and I created this mug rug.  And then on Friday I started working on a quilt using the same hexagon block made up of little kites… This is the first one I created (as you can see this quilt will be much more colorful than the mug rug!).

I like the way it looks, but there was a little problem. If you create a hexagon like this you end up actually with two and I did not want to repeat them in the quilt (these are quite large… unsewn like this one, it’s about 14 in from tip to tip). So what am I going to do with two of each? (why two of each – because to create each kite, you use two rectangles of the same color. when you slash the rectangles in two – you get two kites, two same kites).

Then I made this one:

Again, there are 6 colors – three yellow and three blue, but instead of cutting 2 rectangles from each color, you only cut one. then you sew one yellow and one blue together to get two-color kites). This one is a little busier, but does not create any leftovers. And… actually I like how it seems I cut 12 triangles to create this.

This is another hexagon I created. You can see what each 1/6 of the hexagon, or the “kite” looks like. To assemble this I will sew half hexagons first, and then when they are all arranged, I will add strips of white around every other row of half-hexagons, then sew together half-hexagons in rows and finally sew rows together. I am being very clear, I know…

I am getting out of my comfort zone here, creating such colorful blocks. I am much more comfortable with single color blocks or even single color quilts. I am a little afraid that it will be too busy, but hoping, of course, that it will all fall nicely together once all the blocks are finished.

This was the first arrangement (I like to do this as I go. I also don’t select all fabrics up front, I do it block by block.):

But I did not like it that much. So I changed it, and this is what is currently on my design wall (minus one more block I did after I took these pics):

I like this better. We’ll see how it goes. I am still not 100% sure, we’ll see.

Sometimes I like to take a pic out of focus. Helps me visualize what it might look after it’s done…


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