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New yarn

This is the softest yarn ever and this is all I have – a skein each (natural is 8 ply, red is 4 ply). My husband was in New Zealand and walked by a yarn store… he knows nothing about yarn but it’s the thought that counts, right? And now on to Ravelry to find some hat patterns… any other ideas for one skein knits? Btw this is 75% merino and 25% possum (! ‘No not your American kind, our New Zealand kind’ said a lady when she saw my husband’s puzzled look). So, so super soft, did I mention that? #yarn #yarnporn #newzealandyarn 

Crossroads Block Tutorial


This is the crossroads block tutorial made for the Quilts for Unity project (but of course, you can use it for any other project as well).

For this block you will need 13 squares, 4 dark for the ‘foreground’ and 9 light for the ‘background’ (you can also use 4 light and 9 dark). For the Quilts for Unity project these squares should be 5 in sq and you are welcome to use any fabric you want. I would like the fabric to represent the participant and in the end show are diversity. I am going with the “found” fabric and I am reusing materials found at thrift shops – shirting and sheeting fabric. I have used different light fabrics for the background but you can use all the same fabric for the 9 squares. I just happened to have a bunch of squares from a previous project.

Arrange the foreground (dark) squares and 5 of background squares in a basic 3×3 pattern as shown above. Keep the remaining 4 background squares for later.


Sew the 9 squares together. I sewed first the rows (see the first pic above) and then I sewed the rows together. Iron the seams open, because it will help with the next step, and make the final seams less bulky. Take the remaining 4 background squares and arrange them as I show above, outside the 3×3 block, next to the foreground (dark) squares.

Fold those 4 squares over the dark squares (center them over, they should overlap the light squares by 1/4 in on each side) and sew together as shown above. Iron open as shown. You are almost done. You just need to trim…

Rotate the block and use a transparent long ruler to trim the excess at 1.4 in from the corners of the dark squares. This will be the 1.4 in seam allowance for sewing these blocks together. Trim all 4 sides and you are done.


This is what the block will look like when finished. It ends up at around 13 and 1/4 in squared.

Thank you for participating.

Last weaving for a while

Funny, this warp has been on the loom for months, waiting for inspiration. Now the loom has to be taken apart, to be moved, along with out other stuff. What? Oh, I haven’t mentioned this before? Well, yes we are moving to beautiful Boulder, CO. It looks like we might have to rent for a while so loom will be in the storage. I just wanted to finish with this warp… I will miss it…


Square Hearts

This one has been finished for a while now, but… you know how that goes… Tomorrow it is going to be gifted, so this was the last chance to get some pictures taken. Here it goes:


Is this upside-down? It was not my intention to make hearts, but you’ll see in the next one, the bright squares do look like hearts, right?


Quilting: not very exciting I must say. Straight line, both sides and close to the seam. This past year, and I mean school year, I have not done many projects, due to a few factors, heat being among top reasons. Here in Southern California we did not have a winter. Not that we ever have much of a winter, but we went straight from summer to summer. And not our usual mild summers (here on the west side), we had record highs almost once a month. Temperatures that we might get only in the first part of September, the hottest part if out summer. And we don’t have ac in our house and fans can do only so much. So you can imagine then how inspired I was to have a blanket over me for hrs at time while sitting in front of a machine in a hot room. Not so much. Anyway…


I did do something new on this one… The corners, see? I thought it would be fun and by the time I had all the squares and triangles (for edges) cut I was a little sick of cutting. I know it’s only four more triangles, but it’s four more triangles to cut!!!


I cannot believe I started making this quilt 1/1. I didn’t pull all the fabrics out at one time, I was selecting fabrics on the go. I started with this gray fabric with big flowers you see in the middle if the next picture. That was my color inspiration even though I think the whole color scheme did change as I progressed.


I started with the basic block you can see on the picture below: one 3×3 square and one 3×5.5 rectangle in bright fabric, and one 3×3 square In coordinating low volume fabric. When I finished all of those squares I had this:


I could have just added white squares to fill in, but that seemed a bit boring and unfinished. So I decided to go with a square made up of two white 3×3 squares and two low volume 3×3 squares which created the final pattern that seems a bit like bright and low volume ‘hearts’ are interlaced vertically. I really liked the outcome.

To finish this long post two more pics. And a wish that next year, that is next school year is cooler and more productive. See YOU in about 5 weeks.



I am back

‘nuf said. There were many reasons I was away but I am not going to go into details. The important thing is – I am back. And I have been working on… stuff.
FIrst… these Economy Blocks. Because everybody is making them now.

My heart goes to all affected with the shooting this morning

I cried when I heard about the shooting this morning.

My older one is in elementary school, third grade. He is in school right now.

My younger one will be in kidergarden next year.

Shooting in an elementary school. I couldn’t believe it. Elementary school! As of now, they think 18-20 kids were killed.

I cannot imagine what the parents are going through.

I am really, really, really ANGRY right now.

How many people will die before we realize we have a PROBLEM with GUN VIOLENCE in this country.

You might say, it’s the people, not the guns. I say it’s the people with guns!

How many children will die, how many children will loose parents before something is done about gun laws in this country. How MANY?

Is it worth it?