Finally finished. Actually, I finished it almost two weeks ago, then waited for some light to photograph it, and then forgot about it. I did however photograph the other two quilts that I finished in September! but that will wait for the next post…

So this one… made entirely from vintage sheets. Well, almost entirely. I think one of the orange solids was from a stash.

I really liked making this one. I though about this particular pattern ever since I saw a Vera scarf at a thrift store, months ago (and I did NOT buy it for whatever reason). It did not have the solid squares, it was all stripes, and all in one color – black I believe.

I only wished I had more stripes to work with. I did not want to repeat any – it was repeat all or none. To repeat all – the quilt would have been too big – well, too big for my machine anyway. I am still afraid of that, but one day…

Quilting was a little challenging. First I wanted to do free motion – I thought it would look nice against such graphic design. But it just would not work. My thread kept breaking. I could not adjust the tension… But I tried… And then ended up having to rip one full square of quilting…  No fun.

I ended up doing straight line, but a spiral pattern, on a diagonal across 4 blocks. I am not sure if you can see it in the pics. I decided to do two different style of the spiral – one denser and the other less so. I wish I had only done one. I though there would be more of an effect – with different quilting lines. But not so much.

I used another thrifted striped sheet for the backing. As it usually works with these sheets, the colors match!

Overall I like it. A lot. I planned for the stripey squares to be a bit bigger, but then I had a problem with one of them – it had to be trimmed, so they all got trimmed a bit. That’s why I added a white border. It was not planned. And maybe I could have made the solid squares 1/2 in bigger? Less white? Maybe next time….

5 thoughts on “dash-dot

  1. I think this quilt is a real beauty just as it is. The Bright Hopes block is one of my favorites and I just adore stripes. Also, scrappy quilts are the best.

    A year or two ago, I saw a quilt made with these blocks using plaids and solid centers at Ethan Allen and it was also featured in HGTV’s Dream Home boy’s bedroom. I knew at that time that a quilt like this would be on my “to do” list.

    1. Thanks! Good to know the name of the block. The inspiration came from a vintage Vera shawl I saw at a thrift shop. Then it took a while to figure out how to make it. Would probably been easier if I had known the name of the block.

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