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dash-dot quilt block tutorial

Do you remember this quilt I finished recently?

I just learned from a commenter to my post that the striped block is called the Bright Hopes block. Well, if I had know that, it would have been much easier. I saw a vintage Vera shawl with this design, and then tried to figure out how to make it. Well, if you didn’t know about this block and are interested how to make it see this tutorial by A Girl in Paradise.


Finally finished. Actually, I finished it almost two weeks ago, then waited for some light to photograph it, and then forgot about it. I did however photograph the other two quilts that I finished in September! but that will wait for the next post…

So this one… made entirely from vintage sheets. Well, almost entirely. I think one of the orange solids was from a stash.

I really liked making this one. I though about this particular pattern ever since I saw a Vera scarf at a thrift store, months ago (and I did NOT buy it for whatever reason). It did not have the solid squares, it was all stripes, and all in one color – black I believe.

I only wished I had more stripes to work with. I did not want to repeat any – it was repeat all or none. To repeat all – the quilt would have been too big – well, too big for my machine anyway. I am still afraid of that, but one day…

Quilting was a little challenging. First I wanted to do free motion – I thought it would look nice against such graphic design. But it just would not work. My thread kept breaking. I could not adjust the tension… But I tried… And then ended up having to rip one full square of quilting…  No fun.

I ended up doing straight line, but a spiral pattern, on a diagonal across 4 blocks. I am not sure if you can see it in the pics. I decided to do two different style of the spiral – one denser and the other less so. I wish I had only done one. I though there would be more of an effect – with different quilting lines. But not so much.

I used another thrifted striped sheet for the backing. As it usually works with these sheets, the colors match!

Overall I like it. A lot. I planned for the stripey squares to be a bit bigger, but then I had a problem with one of them – it had to be trimmed, so they all got trimmed a bit. That’s why I added a white border. It was not planned. And maybe I could have made the solid squares 1/2 in bigger? Less white? Maybe next time….

New quilt is coming along

Squares have been trimmed:


And arranged one way:

And then another:

Trimming wasn’t planned, but a few squares turned out smaller than the others. Reason? Well, this quilt is made of all repurposed vintage linens which are almost always a blend. In my experience, they do not always like ironing. I do have my iron set to a lower setting, but some squares get warped anyway.

Therefore, this quilt ended up smaller than designed, so I will probably add white border around it. I thought about adding a few more squares, but I have only one more color I have not used, and I did not want to repeat some – I think the way this quilt works is to either use all different colors or repeat all. But it will be a baby/throw size in the end and that’s OK.