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Drafting basic briefs…


As I mentioned earlier I drafted a brief pattern and made a bunch of underwear for me using fabrics with different amount of stretch to see how the fit changes. Without going into details right now, let me tell you that you really need to know how your fabric stretches before you cut. I will give you more details later. I really like how these fit, so today I worked on drafting other sizes… Exciting!


Just in to say a quick Hi! and show you what I have been working on. Does anyone remember my pattern drafting attempt from a few years ago? I have been revisiting it and drafting some bras. This is a muslin for my first attempt at a basic block for a soft bra. I also made a pattern for briefs – I made myself some underwear that fits so well and are so comfortable. Details in another post…



Pieve skirt

I finished Challenge 13 at flekka-challenge: knee high, slightly flared skirt with no darts in the front. I drafted from a basic straight skirt pattern. You can read all about it here.

Editt top and Marina top finished

Sometimes I forget to tell you here when I finish my project over at flekka-challenge. Since the last one, I made two: Editt top and Marina top. Go on over to flekka challenge for more pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Week 6 of flekka challenge finished!

Almost forgot to mention it here. Yes, the Kioko blouse has been finished for a few days now.

Go on over there for details…

2 more free patterns available

This week I cheated a bit over at my Flekka Challenge project. I recycled a top I made a few months ago. I did, however, do the pattern drafting – the front. I explained how to do the back, but I did not sew it. I just have to take a few more pictures outside…

What did I do you might think. 2 things actually. First, I made two downloadable patterns; e-versions of Week 1 and Week 4 patterns. Second, I, have almost finished the pillow I gave a sneak peak of about two weeks ago. I like sewing clothes, but when I don’t play with my quilting fabrics for a while, I get… antsy… I miss all the colors and patterns. (my choices of fabrics for quilting and clothes do not overlap).

So the patterns…

This one is from Week 1 – a simple dartless sleeveless top. The free pattern is here.













The second one is from Week 4 – another simple sleeveless top, this time with a bit more shaping, but still wide enough to pull overhead. The free pattern is here.













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