Just in to say a quick Hi! and show you what I have been working on. Does anyone remember my pattern drafting attempt from a few years ago? I have been revisiting it and drafting some bras. This is a muslin for my first attempt at a basic block for a soft bra. I also made a pattern for briefs – I made myself some underwear that fits so well and are so comfortable. Details in another post…



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  1. What pattern did you use for your soft bra top? I love what you have done! I do have a sloper and a mannequin that fit me… I had taken a flat pattern making course with my ex but as he was so much better than I in drafting and math he would do my patterns. As he is now my ex, I have had to take over that chore (when I would rather be sewing, creating and designing). My efforts with camisoles and bra tops I found very taxing (they were either princess style or the cup style with seaming). I am a 32D and having once been 300 lbs and now being 140 I find that the bottom of my breast is fuller with the top flatter (making it challenging). I have even made bra dresses around an existing fitted bra (in a color) to avoid the bra part challenges. As a ballroom dancer, bra tops (with underwire even better) and bra top dresses are very useful and great additions to my wardrobe. I definitely need help in the pattern making dept of bra making!

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