2 more free patterns available

This week I cheated a bit over at my Flekka Challenge project. I recycled a top I made a few months ago. I did, however, do the pattern drafting – the front. I explained how to do the back, but I did not sew it. I just have to take a few more pictures outside…

What did I do you might think. 2 things actually. First, I made two downloadable patterns; e-versions of Week 1 and Week 4 patterns. Second, I, have almost finished the pillow I gave a sneak peak of about two weeks ago. I like sewing clothes, but when I don’t play with my quilting fabrics for a while, I get… antsy… I miss all the colors and patterns. (my choices of fabrics for quilting and clothes do not overlap).

So the patterns…

This one is from Week 1 – a simple dartless sleeveless top. The free pattern is here.













The second one is from Week 4 – another simple sleeveless top, this time with a bit more shaping, but still wide enough to pull overhead. The free pattern is here.













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