Drafting basic briefs…


As I mentioned earlier I drafted a brief pattern and made a bunch of underwear for me using fabrics with different amount of stretch to see how the fit changes. Without going into details right now, let me tell you that you really need to know how your fabric stretches before you cut. I will give you more details later. I really like how these fit, so today I worked on drafting other sizes… Exciting!

One thought on “Drafting basic briefs…

  1. Great! I also make my own panties (I swore I would never resort to that!!!!!!)

    On store-bought panties I found that they crawled into the crack (esp when getting in/out of a car and when ballroom dancing)… I got very tired of wearing/washing the one-and-only pair that fit right….so I took it apart and made my personalized panty pattern! I found that finding brushed 3/8″ elastic difficult and still do (esp getting good quality at a decent price). I did find great beige cotton lycra fabric…bought an entire huge roll of it. I use this for linings and partial bodice pieces, etc. and will for the rest of my life.

    Anyone else out there dubious that they will finish sewing their fabric stash in their lifetimes???

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