A lot of people are starting new projects with the beginning of the year. For a second I felt I needed to do it to. But what? And history shows I cannot stick to a long term project. So the next second I said, naaah…

Then I browsed the Guttenberg Project books and came across a very old needlepoint book. It had very blurry pictures of something called Couching, and Laid Work. So there was another second of me thinking I could do an embroidery project. But wait, it was already jan 12. Can I start that late?

Of course I can. I can do whatever I want. So today I made this. After googling a bit. And pinteresting a lot. And now I have all these ideas in my head. The problem, of course will be in keeping up. So I will not commit here to doing it every day, even though I will try. Hard.


Humble beginnings. This is called Laid Work (at this point I am not sure whether this is same as crewel?), more particularly Plaited Stitch. Tutorial here. Several problems… working too tight, used muslin instead of linen, but it doesn’t look sooo bad, yes? It has potential… And a project like this is portable, which is always good.

Instagram Image

But what should I call this project? Any suggestions?

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