texture and color #9 continued… I really tried to keep up with this on a daily basis. And I didn’t even commit to a finished item, just that days worth of work. But I don;t think I can keep up with any project daily… Just too busy… kids (one sick this week), other things that … More #10


I believe this is called an Raised Fishbone Stitch.


I made this one up. I am sure it has a name but I don’t know it. This is seriously calming…


Bad light… But you get the idea… I think I am a little obsessed with needle weaving. silk and cotton on linen


I tried a couple of things… at the top – I tried to replicate knitted linen stitch. I like that stitch especially in variegated yarn. The circle was made by laying down perpendicular lines of yarn and then securing them down to the linen with cross stitch at intersections. Circle outlined in backstitch. And in … More #5


More couching. This time free style, using variegated silk yarn and cotton embroidery floss. I wonder what this would look like if the yellow thread was thinner?

#2, #3

I cannot do little projects. I just cannot. Just a few stitches here and there… not very exciting. So, change… plan *a* project, however big it is… work daily… post when there is progress, or a new stitch to show. This is what I did on day 2 and 3. Horizontal stripes: Couching – Roman … More #2, #3


A lot of people are starting new projects with the beginning of the year. For a second I felt I needed to do it to. But what? And history shows I cannot stick to a long term project. So the next second I said, naaah… Then I browsed the Guttenberg Project books and came across … More #1