More couching. This time free style, using variegated silk yarn and cotton embroidery floss. I wonder what this would look like if the yellow thread was thinner?

#2, #3

I cannot do little projects. I just cannot. Just a few stitches here and there… not very exciting. So, change… plan *a* project, however big it is… work daily… post when there is progress, or a new stitch to show. This is what I did on day 2 and 3. Horizontal stripes: Couching – Roman … More #2, #3


A lot of people are starting new projects with the beginning of the year. For a second I felt I needed to do it to. But what? And history shows I cannot stick to a long term project. So the next second I said, naaah… Then I browsed the Guttenberg Project books and came across … More #1