windmolen quilt – 24 more blocks

I had planned to blog about this quilt as a series – first 6 blocks, next 6 blocks… I actually photographed blocks in groups of 6 (and 12) as I was finishing them. But then… one weekend we went skiing. Then we… this and that… and the other… you know how it all goes. Good news, all blocks are finished: IMG_8345_sm

all 120 of them. That is 120 of the smaller squares, 4 of the same make up a bigger square (the “cross”). So the quilt will be made up of 30 “crosses” or “windmills” (depending on what you see!). I showed you the first 6 in a previous post. Here is the next 12:


and the last 12:


To recap… I made each “windmill” by cutting 1.5 in wide strip, about 23 in long. Then I cut this long, 5.5 in wide strip into 5.5×5.5 squares. You may notice that 4 times 5.5 is 22, but I cut strips longer – just in case…

I used 5 different fabrics for each “windmill”. I believe i used 4 different prints in each “windmill”, which makes it 120 different prints )some from vintage sheets too). I used 4-5 different fabrics for the lightest strips (one of them white), only because I did not have enough different fabrics with such small print on white. Therefore… I used about 125 different prints. What, I have so many prints in red/pink (I did use a few blacks and grays)? No comment.

This took a while. Longer than I anticipated. I would like to finish all the “windmills” tomorrow, so I can start figuring out the final layout. I know that will take some time. I will have to let it sit and “simmer” for a while. This will include me looking at it, switching blocks, looking some more, switching more blocks, looking.. you get the picture…

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