toss it cushion

I finished a cushion I started a few weeks ago. I actually quilted the top and then left it to figure out what I will do with the back of it. After all that thinking, I just made an envelope opening. Oh well. Sometimes the simplest is the best. I used white scraps of an IKEA curtain. I am almost out of that fabric – I have used it for a few pillows already.


My original idea was to use black, white and yellow, but when I put the fabrics together, given that the yellows were not too bright, I decided that black was just too dark. Each square is made up of one gray triangle and one either white or yellow. The gray fabric is from my stash, the yellow and white are upcycled from vintage sheets. I used the half square triangle method to construct the squares.

I wanted a “tossed” look and the above was the original layout I came up with. I also tried a layout with sashing – I did not actually add sashing, I just moved the squares apart to try imagine what would it look like:


I preferred the first layout. And sometimes sashing is just painful to do.


But when I put all of the squares together (after trimming all of them – not my favorite thing) I noticed, ahhh, a mistake. Look at the first column on the left. I DO NOT like ripping seams. Nope. But I had to. And even then, it did not end up as the original layout. Oh, well. It was good enough.



Quilting was fast and easy. On diagonal, both sides of the seam, white thread. I liked the contrast of the tread and the gray fabrics.


I really like making quilted pillows. I wishe I had more time and made a quilt instead, but with a pillow, you get the results faster. Also, it is in a way, a test to see if the pattern works. More or less, if it works for a pillow, it will work for a quilt too.

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