October 1 – new beginnings!

OK, September is over. My pain has started on 09/11, early in the morning, and today was the first day that I can say I’ve done some actual work. I spent some time at the computer, I spent some time at my sewing machine – but not as much as I wanted, my shoulder/back is still not strong enough – and I started a new project. Ha!

I just hope the pain does not come back tomorrow. I had some ups and downs last week. Hopefully, it is going to be ups from now on.


I have been wanting to try my new free-motion foot. I bought it the same day the pain started. I had to go grocery shopping (alone with the kids for two weeks) and a sewing store was very close, so I dropped by. I was actually looking for a 1/4 in foot – I had just started the Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-along and realized I really needed that foot, because my seams were not consistently 1/4 inch. They did not have it – well, not for my machine anyway. Then I asked about the darning foot – they had one but I wasn’t sure whether it would fit my machine. No return policy, but I got it anyway. It fits. Ha! This was my second attempt at some free motion quilting. It wasn’t too bad, actually I think it could be quite fun. I just could not sit at the machine long enough, yet, to do more. I had some trouble moving the quilt (just a small test quilt – potholder size) at the same pace, so the stitches are not even. But it’s not TOO bad. Looking forward to doing more of it.


While I did not find the 1/4 inch foot that day, I did solve the problem. While talking to the lady who was helping me, I had an idea – my machine came with the blindstitch foot… would that work? It did! I finished a block I was working on just before the injury and all the seams were at 1/4 inch, the whole way. Now, since the screw is a little loose, I will have to make sure it did not move, every time I start sewing, so it might get a little tedious, but I might be able to fix the screw… hmmm… I will have to check with hubby about that. It will work for now…

I mentioned a new project too… but that will have to wait for now… I need to put some ice on my shoulder…

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