Lina Quilt finished

Today I have a finished quilt to show off. It is a variation of the scrappy trip around the world block. I have seen these quilts pop up since the new year and really wanted to try one, but I wanted something a little different. Then I needed a baby quilt, and I had this idea… I will give you the details in the next post…

I always struggle with light in my studio. Actually, there is no good light anywhere in our house, so… bad pics… anyway: this is the top as it waited on the design wall.

If I can, I press the seam allowances open. I just like it better that way…

And this is the finished quilt. I waited for some sun, for three days, but then I could wait no more. I took it with me when we went to tennis on Wednesday, hoping that maybe at the park it would look better. But no so much. Oh, well.

These ended up about 1 x 1 in squares, so the quilting was quite dense. I used light blue thread that matched the lighter blue fabrics.

This quilt, just gifted today, was made for one of my son’s teachers, who is expecting her first baby. She was a teacher two both my boys in preschool, and we all loved her so much, that I just had to make a quilt for her… I hope she likes it.

The back… I remembered this fabric after I finished all the blocks. It fit the colors perfectly, and by some magic, it turned out to be one of the few fabrics I had more than 1 yard of (I usually buy half yards or even less). This is the first time my boys were interested in helping photographing… I think S actually took this last one.

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