more hexagons

I am very busy with my other project, so I will very briefly show you a new block I made over the weekend. Recently I made a quilt where eaxc hexagon was made of out half rectangles. Then I made a mini using a slashing technique. Here I basically combine the two…

I stated with three circles (I used a bowl to draw a circle right on the fabric) – sorry, no pictures here. First I cut them in half. Then I mix the half and sew them back together using a 1 in strip. With regular 1/4 in seam, this will not change the size of the original circle. Next I stack the circles and cut them at 60 degrees with respect to the first cut. Mix them up again, sew them together… and I repeat it one more time. At this point you will have a circle but if you trip the “sides” between the strips – you get hexagons.

You may notice a mistake… the idea was that the same fabric “triangles” would be on the opposite sides, but I made a mistake when I stacked them up for the second cut. I believe I was supposed to orient them in such a way that the half squares from the same fabric are not stacked under each other. I will have to test that once I have time to play with this a bit more…

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