Windmolen quilt – finished

Yes… it’s been a while. Since I have been here. And this quilt was finished a while back. It was finished on Friday, and Saturday it was out the door. I had literally 30 seconds to snap a few photos , and – oh, it happens all the time – the pictures did not turn out too great. Especially the close-up. Oh well…

The last time I wrote about it I had just finished all the blocks. It took some time to arrange them, a few different layouts and a couple of days “taking it in”…


It is the biggest quilt I have made and I knew quilting straight lines would not be fun on my machine – I have a Singer that was not made for quilting, so a big quilt just cannot fit… However, I was a little afraid of free motion quilting – I did it only one time before, on a pillow – much smaller and much more manageable. I didn’t know how it would go, how long it would take… But I had no other choice. And I had to say – it did take long, but it was not so bad. I had a bit of an issue with thread – it kept breaking. I changed it a few times, and finally settled on a cotton thread.


At the end – I was so happy how it turned out. It took a long time – there were a lot of strips, but the blocks were easy to make. I would like to make another one like this… some day.




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