take off your flanel pajamas…

and slip into something more springlike. Introducing… Flo cami…IMG_7944_sm

Ever since I first found sheets (vintage and not so vintage) with small print like this I have been thinking about turning them into sleepwear. I was trying to come up with the right pattern for a while, and finally came up with two. This is the first one. I like it. A lot.


This one was made completely from upcycled fabrics and thing found around my studio. The bra top was made from a vintage pillowcase. The lower part from a 100% cotton sheet with lovely tiny pink/red roses. The bra is fully lined with pices of a white vintage sheet. All the fabrics is beautifully soft.


I took out my serger for this one. Most seams are serged and the hemline is done in picot stitch. I wanted to make it soft and flowy (not really a word! but you know what I mean).


I will be making more of these. I already pulled out some fabrics trying to match them up. But first – I will try the other pattern. Another camisole coming up.

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