new napkins

When I bought some of the vintage sheets, specifically those with delicate flowers, I thought they would make really nice napkins. But they were too thin, too flimsy to stay on their own. Then I remembered seeing this tutorial from Purl Soho. And I thought – linen. I love linen. Love the look of it, the feel of it. And I had some lying around. I cut it up, and here are the napkins…


They are about 16″ sq and instead of linen being framed by contrasting fabric (as in the tutorial) in this case, I framed the vintage sheet pieces with linen. I used a very soft linen (not sheer though) in natural.


I said I like linen, but working wit it, sometimes, can be a pain. This linen in particular. It is a bit stretchy, and silky, so it moves a lot; changes shape. Pair it with a super-soft and delicate vintage sheet… ah… it took forever to pin before sewing. I need to invest in some starch. I’ve been told it helps when working with linen.


But I am happy how they turned out. Really happy. I like the combination of linen and vintage sheets. Next one will be in blue tones…


These will be listed in the shop shortly.

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