can I do a 5k run? – week 1

I have completed week one of my “can I do a 5k run?” challenge. So far so good: no pain, no injuries. I do feel tired, but that is as expected – after all this is the most exercise I have done in a while (especially last 2 months recovering from shoulder injury). I skipped the run on Saturday: I couldn’t go first thing in the morning, and by afternoon I was too tired. But I caught up on Sunday. So the tally: about 12.5 miles walk/run in about 3 hr total.
As I said – no major pain or injuries but I did feel that jumping from 1min run/2 min walk intervals to 2min run/1 min walk intervals this week could be a bit much, so I decided to modify training (I am basically following The Runners World 8-Week Beginning Runner’s Training Program). So this week, it will be Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 90sec run/90 sec walk, 10 times; Tues/Th easy 30 min walk. Wish me luck.

Oh, I also decided to do a 5k run (haven’t decided which one yet) early February, instead of January. Just in case I need to modify training more…

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