summer makeover…

…for the beach towers along Venice/Santa Monica beach.

These were taken over the last few months during my bikerides, which are supposed to be regular but are really occasional. This is the first time I have seen thse towers painted since we have been here (10 years). It’s a nice change, just in time for Summer…


This is what they used to look like. Not very exciting, is it. This was taken in March.


In early May I noticed that they painted the the stairs and the railings in various colors – green, orange, blue, yellow and purple. I thought it looked very nice (even on a foggy day like this).


But then recently, they pained the cabin part too, and it looks really nice. I think each tower has a different design, mostly flowers, some geometric shapes. This was taken today, and since we are in June, most days (especially in the morning) are foggy (actually, it’s marine layer – it’s what’s called June Gloom) so you cannot really see the brightness of the colors, but trust me, it is very colorful and very bright. Oh, and this tower is actually the same one as in the first picture.

Ah, June Gloom. Just to give you an idea of how gloomy it is, I leave you with this:


***Update: Just to see that the morning June Gloom can turn into a beautiful day. The following is the picture of the same building, same day, around 4 pm.


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